Changing your experience changes your business.

Adaptive Business Design enhances organization focus and lets work happen more autonomously—and more profitably.

It’s all about sense and respond over command and control.

This is for leaders struggling with the 21st Century issues of rapid and unpredictable change: 

- How to empower people and innovate coherently
- how to decide what to control and what to delegate
- how to maintain authentic customer-centric operations
- how to rapidly re-align organizational capabilities around today’s opportunities and today’s threats

Dealing effectively with these issues requires more than a new set of tools and “best practice” prescriptions.” It requires a fundamental and radical change in how managers think about strategy, structure and governance. We need a leadership model specifically designed to cope with the adaptive challenge: sensing earlier and responding effectively to what is actually happening, rather than what was predicted to happen.

Adaptive Enterprise is based on the book by the same name (Adaptive Enterprise: Creating and Leading Sense-and-Respond Organizations (Stephan Haeckel, Harvard Business School Press, 1999, republished in paper-back in 2016). It is the foundational resource for designing and leading adaptive enterprises. A companion book, Adaptive Enterprise: The Workbook is also available.

Global leaders need a new post-industrial leadership paradigm. Adaptive Enterprise is it.
An organization that does not trust its ability to predict what needs doing can no longer rely on planning, process designs, hierarchies of authority, and command and control. Instead of focusing on operational excellence to efficiently make and sell products and services that customers were predicted to want, an adaptive enterprise must be designed to sense and respond effectively to what is actually happening.

An adaptive management paradigm is a missing element in current attempts to transform businesses into adaptive organizations. Because adaptive behavior is typically unplanned—often ad hoc–it is intrinsically inefficient and therefore persistently undermined by the existing efficiency-centric management paradigm. The metrics and practices fostered by this industrial age model frustrate attempts to empower people, instill a customer orientation, leverage adaptive technologies, and respond to unanticipated change.

Adaptive Enterprise is a robust replacement of the legacy managerial paradigm. It is a fundamentally different framework of purpose, strategy, structure, and governance that systematically leverages adaptive individuals, technologies, and infrastructures to produce and scale adaptive organizational behavior:
• Purpose is defined as an effect on something or someone external to the organization (rather than an output or internal goal)
Strategy is expressed as a modular system design of roles and accountabilities (i.e. a structure for action, rather than a plan of action).
• Structure is an architecture of modular roles that shows how they relate and where strategic investments are to be made. (“Structure is strategy” in S&R organizations.)
• Governance is the systematic propagation and assurance of global policy constraints to all roles in the organization.
StoryMiners is offering Adaptive Enterprise because when clients want to make changes to the customer experience at the front end of their businesses, the back end has to change as well. Given the fickle nature of changing customer requests, that back end is most valuable if it's adaptive. 

StoryMiners may be one of the only consulting design agencies in the world with mastery of both the Adaptive Enterprise and Experience Design disciplines. It's a powerful combination that lets service-oriented organizations do more than they ever thought possible. 

Value in Action

“I can sum Mike up in one word.....Visionary. He is a genuine genius when it comes to Customer Experience and also Adaptive Enterprise. Mike has the ability to bring the vapor down to the ground and make it real. Mike can make a difference. That is high praise for anyone!”

Glenn Kelpchick, Principal at IBM

“I've recently worked with Mike Wittenstein on the establishment and corporate-wide implementation of a systems-based business model called the Adaptive Enterprise. Observations: Mike is INCREDIBLY innovative, business savvy and interested in making sure your corporation is successful. Highly recommend.”

Lou Edmondson, HR Leader at iPay Technologies

“Mike worked for iPay Technologies on several engagements, helping guide our fast growing company with important tools and language for helping the company grow effectively as it grew at a blistering pace. He helped us become an adaptive enterprise that developed the process capabilities we needed when we needed them, and helped us better define the experience we wanted our new managers and associates to have when joining our company. Mike is astute in his insights, and brilliant at seeing what his clients may not see because they are "too close to it." Mike will shake things up for your organization in a good way, in a way that delivers lasting results.”

Michael Barrack, President at iPay Technologies

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