Executive and team coaching helps CX leaders win support for their customer experience ideas more quickly while reducing risk.

Leaders working against a clock can save time and win greater support with the help of an experienced design, strategy, and story coach.

Coaching helps people align to what's expected of them, build personal and professional skills, improve on their leadership abilities, and prepare them to help others through change. It's an indispensable service when it comes to carrying experience designs from behind the scenes to in front of customers.

StoryMiners®' coaches are not only excellent and experienced coaches, they understand customer experience, adaptive business design, innovation, story, and the other disciplines we share with clients.

They help organizations realize results more quickly with greater confidence by encouraging understanding of principles and alignment to shared goals. StoryMiners®' coaches are also excellent collaborators. When you need ideas and when work needs to get done, you can count on us.

Value in Action

“I’ve known Mike for five years. Our first experience together was discussing the role of story telling in personal and business communications over a series of weekly coffee meetings. I was impressed with his ability to help others identify their niches and focus their ideas. He has a remarkable skill at listening, then translating back sky high ideas in a grounded, practical way. Years later, on my own company’s website, he offered suggestions I’ve employed that have improved my customers' perception of our value proposition. When someone tells me they need serious marketing help, Mike is the first name I think of.”

Jeff Lebow, Vice-President of Technology at Southeast Association of Facilitators

Mike has been a remarkable and encouraging catalyst in helping me to clarify my purpose, my branding, and my customer-focused language as part of an upcoming website redesign. His Storymining process is a useful tool for discovering that message, and one of Mike’s many talents is the ability to zero in on the big issues that matter most. It is impressive how valuable his different perspective has been. Our time together has accelerated my own thinking and made bigger and more impactful ideas feel much more attainable. I continue to lean on Mike for his ideas and thought-provoking guidance, and encourage you to take advantage of his expertise as well.

Sean Glaze, Speaker and Consultant at Great Results Team Building

“Mike is an excellent creative business coach, with a passion for eliciting and developing a marketable story and underpinning brand for startups, turnarounds, and growing companies. His ability to work closely with executives and business owners in co-authoring a compelling story, mission statement, reason for being, web identity, and related marketing artifacts is unsurpassed.”

Paul Hoagland, Global Market Development Executive at IBM

“Have you ever had a passionate, brilliant professor in school that inspired you to look at life with fresh eyes? That’s the way I felt working with Mike Wittenstein as my CX guide. I was new to building customer experience when my boss asked me to create the Jefferson National Experience Way. Another company was acquiring us so we needed to document and replicate our CX process at scale to complement the brand of our new owner. Mike saved us months of time and his precise language brought things into crystal-clear focus for our whole team.”

Mark Forman, VP of Customer Experience at Jefferson National

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