Our signature engagement. Customer experience design is at the heart of everything we do. Between good data and good business results, someone has to design the experience. That's us!

Customer Experience Design creates experiences for your customers in a mindful and on-brand way. It works by putting customers' interests first. Customer notice that and find it more appealing.

At StoryMiners®, we don't neglect the needs of the business, however. Once it's clear what will elevate customers' emotions and meet their needs, the work of designing ways to make that experience work that benefit the company can begin.

Making the leap from  data about customers to experience everyone raves about demands good design work. Good design work considers the needs of all stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, partners, etc.) and seeks complete solutions that help each one get more of what they want.  

To make sure our clients get results they can measure, StoryMiners® uses customer experience design twice:  

• Once from the outside-in (thinking customers first) to make sure we understand what the customer truly wants (a total experience) 
• Once from the inside-out (thinking employees first) to make sure that the company offers it!   

 It's the back-and-forth between what happens front-of-house (where the customers are) and back-of-house (where the employees get the business done) that makes this approach work so well. As changes to the experience are required, we use the same design to make it eaasier for the company to deliver them. Being flexible in this way keeps the experiences evergreen.

Value in Action

“Mike and the team at StoryMiners can imagine, design and implement the most compelling customer experiences. He is a rare mind that carefully selected a team of professionals who mix practical operations with ingenious creativity. Every time I work with Mike I learn. Mike is one-of-a-kind in an industry that demands for all brands to create compelling strategies to reach, connect and communicate with customers, employees and partners. Mike creates opportunities for success for his customers and for his customer’s customers, and continues to define new thinking for memorable and effective customer experiences.”

Melanie Babcock-Brown, Client Partner at Macquarium

“Mike did an outstanding job of creating the customer experience for IANSITI Performance Group, Inc. I had never thought of the "experience" before but is trully a differentiator in how businesses go about their business. The process that Mike led was very insightful and the outcome to me and my firm has resulted in clarity of communication, vision and increased business. I'd run, not walk, to see Mike. / Christopher Iansiti, Iansiti Performance Group, Inc.” 

Christopher Iansiti, Owner, IANSITI Performance Group, Inc.

“While VP/Global Marketing at Apollo Group, I hired Mike to help us design a branded student experience for a key corporate strategic initiative to introduce a new blended learning model across our global network of universities. Quite simply, Mike delivered remarkable value to help us define and deploy a detailed customer experience map that was on-strategy, differentiating, compelling and scalable across geographies and languages. To boot, he delivered on an accelerated time frame and within the budget guidelines permitted. From the moment Mike took hold of the assignment, he owned it and drew upon his extensive CE design knowledge to ensure superior value to our organization and effort. From facilitating an initial, cross-functional 'as-is' and 'to-be' state ideation session, to pulling together and leading a team of freelance designers that detailed a map of the most powerful intersections in which students would derive demonstrable value, Mike was a pro. In the end, Mike's work through the Storyminer's Team became the foundation for the operations guidelines for our new effort; an effort that is now in pilot in two, key international markets."

Dave Schneider, Vice President / Chief Marketing Officer at Red Wing Shoe Co.

“Mike developed a comprehensive student experience guide for a new program we were launching. He really took the time to learn our process, and was incredibly creative on ways to improve it and add value to our students. In the end, we received a comprehensive and detailed document that has become one of our most valued components of IP, and something we use extensively to train our staff.”

Steve Rae, Chief Professional Development Officer at Apollo Education Group

Five years ago, we hired Mike Wittenstein to help us tell our story better. He got our story right and translated it into a showroom experience too so that every client who comes to visit knows that we are innovative, client-focused, and results driven. We have seen improvements in our sales cycle as a result! We used what we learned from Mike and applied it to our new location too. Clients love being part of our story. The follow-on ideation sessions are easier to get into because the experience is set up the right way. As product developers, we're really good at seeing the potential in markets and products. It took Mike to make our potential obvious to our own clients. I highly recommend him to any company who needs to connect better with their clients and customers."

Noah McNeely, Innovation and Product Development Expert at Product QuickStart

"What I liked best about working with Mike was the way he tackled big problems and turned them into even bigger opportunities. He has a fantastically creative approach to solving problems and increasing customer satisfaction at the same time. O que eu gostei mais trabalhando com o Mike foi a forma que ele abordou grandes problemas, fazendo deles grandes oportunidades de negócios. Ele tem uma abordagem criativa fantástica para resolver problemas e aumentar a satisfação do cliente ao mesmo tempo."

Marcio Hociko, Operations Director at LeasePlan México

“The financial services industry can be rather dry but still fraught with emotions, including shame, envy and greed. StoryMiners taught us that ignoring these emotions can be deadly and why it’s so important to invest in making sure our advisors and their clients have a great experience.”

Mark Forman, VP of Customer Experience at Jefferson National

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