Clearly defining your company's Emotional Outcomes offers an actionable and practical approach to ensure that clients are treated consistently and in a manner they believe to be of high value—whenever and where they interact. 

Paying attention to customers' emotional well-being as well as their business and physical well-being allows you to provide a more complete solution to their total needs. Applying the emotional outcomes in experience design creates added value for customers and for the business. 

Consistently delivering what matters most to customers is the primary benefit of designing experiences with Emotional Outcomes in mind. They give distinctive shape to communications, the way employees provide services, and to the experiences they receive. Reaching an understanding of Emotional Outcomes is part discussion/observation and part bold decision-making. StoryMiners® provides plentiful insights from all corners of your business ecosystem, but the final decision rests with you as the designer of the 'system' that provides the experiences.

Value in Action

"With Storyminers, we now clearly communicate that we are fun, creative, and client-focused – and we are seeing improvements in our sales cycle as a result.”

Sam ZaidspinerFounder at Slingshot Product Development Group

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