We  work hard to make sure that everything we help you think, build, and do works well on the front lines. We sweat the details. We make ideas work for the people that need them most.

How? We include your team in the design and delivery process and we use some clever feedback techniques so that they learn to adjust and accelerate their own learning. That means your customers get a better experience—one your employees are proud to deliver.

Behind every great customer experience, there has to be a great employee experience. Because employees are typically the ones who deliver those great customer experiences, the two go hand-in-hand.

Designing experiences for employees can include: The Storymining® process helps companies get to the core of their business, determining the essence of their brand and the value they provide their customers

  • Making sure that the systems that support them are easy to use 
  • Introducing special rituals that leave them feeling valued and energized 
  • Communications and tools that make finding things out and getting things done much easier 
If you show your employees that their experience is important to you, there's a natural transference of that goodwill between employees and toward customers. As employees feel better, so do customers! 
This work can include interviews, undercover employee work, facilitation, brainstorming, and a variety of other techniques that help bring clarity to what employees should do and how.

Value in Action

“Mike worked for iPay Technologies on several engagements, helping guide our fast growing company with important tools and language for helping the company grow effectively as it grew at a blistering pace. He helped us become an adaptive enterprise that developed the process capabilities we needed when we needed them, and helped us better define the experience we wanted our new managers and associates to have when joining our company. Mike is astute in his insights, and brilliant at seeing what his clients may not see because they are "too close to it." Mike will shake things up for your organization in a good way, in a way that delivers lasting results.”

Michael Barrack, Managing Director at Accume Partners

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