This companion service can help individuals and teams understand new concepts, resolve design differences, identify and develop new revenue streams, troubleshoot design problems, and win alignment.

Hearing about an idea doesn’t convince most people to do something about it.

To take action, most people need to study it, toss it around, talk it out loud. Facilitation by StoryMiners® helps people get comfortably close to new ideas and new experiences so that they can discover how their world will change for the better. 

StoryMiners®' skilled facilitators including storytellers and actors) know how to immerse your leaders and team members into credible future scenarios that help them envision the way things can be in high-resolution and detail so that they can see their own role, positively face their own challenges, and get excited about what’s to come.

Value in Action

“Mike was part of the Customer Service & Experience Forum 2013 (Foro Mundial de Servicio al Cliente) as our keynote speaker. He shared some of the latest trends in his presentation "Design an Experience That Will Revolutionize Your Business" and he was very professional and clear during the speech. Also, he added academic value to all the audience. Mike worked as speaker and interacted with the audience that showed his huge knowledge in the area. He facilitated a workshop for over 120 people and all the activities around it as a  very professional person and as a nice human.”
Jorge Cesar Orlando, CEO en América Empresarial | Director General & Publisher en Revista América Empresarial Management Review

“Mike has been one of my all-around favorite and most inspiring people to work with.”
Kelly Berdine, Project & Program Manager at University of North Carolina

“Mike is the ultimate creative business person. He has innate intuitions on new ways to create value, and the energy to generate enthusiasm in the most jaded managers. He's comfortable both in large-company and senior executive team settings. He shares his ideas freely, and ensures teammates get credit whe due. It's fun to work with Mike, and he can be counted upon when the going gets tough.”
David Ing, Marketing Scientist at IBM

“We worked with Storyminers, and Mike in particular, to design and facilitate a session that would inspire our customer experience leaders to advance our next-generation service innovation. At TELUS, we constantly challenge the status quo and believe we can take inspiration from outside our industry. I particularly liked how Mike customized the material, stories and facilitation approach to meet TELUS’s needs. He took the time to really understand our business, the journey we are on and our aspirations. He was able to actively engage the participants who were distributed across Canada plus Europe, Central America and the Philippines leveraging technology and strong facilitation skills. Throughout the process, Mike coached us on ways to build momentum to advance our next-generation service innovation.”
Rob Sims, Director of Business Strategy and Customer Experience at TELUS

“Mike did a phenomenal job of connecting with our clients and with our internal teams. He gave us practical insigts, useful tootls, and plenty of energy that got things going in the right direction. Mike designed the workshops so that people could bring their own issues and opportunities. He solved many of them on the spot - but left the client feeling as if they had done most of the work. Mike's good at that. He personally helped me set client strategies, meet with executives, and draft successful approaches for us to carry forward. He takes time to get headed in the right direction, he's patient with his team members (my staff), and his deliverables are thorough. If you are looking for someone who has customer experience in his blood, is authentic and smart, and who can work successfully with multiple personalties and cultures, you've found the right person. I highly recommend you consider working with Mike!”
Manuel Forjaz, CEO at Ideiateca Group

“When you work with Mike, you have to hang on to your hat and hold on tight because he’ll take you on a ride! He’s often frank and sometimes jarring but that’s exactly what we needed. Narrative is how we all connect and Mike gets that. He is a fantastic storyteller and guide for us to tell our stories. Above all, he’s a decent guy. Humble and open and very easy to collaborate with. When he works with my team, he motivates them to adopt these new ideas and make them their own.”
Mark Forman, VP of Customer Experience at Jefferson National

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