Extend your organization's definition of its brand to include the design and operation of customer experiences as well as your brand's narrative.

It's a powerful deliverable that captures your essence and shares it as an experience everyone can support.

"There are six parts to the story/experience framework which cover strategy, high-level operations management, brand, organization design, experience design, and the use of story (to build, introduce, and maintain the experience).

StoryMiners®' Framework supports long-lasting experience design work yet it can also function independently. It’s a stand-alone tool that makes it easier to manage an organization—especially during times of tectonic change."

Value in Action

“The first opportunity I had to work with Mike was with Wingate Inns, a mid-scale hotel brand of Cendant - the largest Hotel Company in the world. As strategists, both Mike and I led a team of IBMer's and Wingate's technology vendors to create a vision of what the guest experience should be in the future. All the touch points were considered: from consideration, to arrival, front desk, check - in, and through the in-room experience. We looked at the difference between what the client originally proposed and its guests then offered a counterpoint. ""Why not look at it this way?"" Mike asked. This way was to do a video scenario of what the customer experience would/should be like. Using his approach, we were able to demonstrate complex personalization and data mining technologies without the added time and expense of building working prototypes - and the video won the support of Wingate's franchisee community allowing faster build-out of the new services without impact on the corporate bottom line. IBM embraced this approach for other clients this we did this project. I called on Mike again for a new approach in travel and transportation after he told me about the ""Experience Architecture"" approach he was developing with partners. This was a whole business strategy that lent itself perfectly to problems of customer service at scale - one of the most sought after solutions today. Coupled with supporting financial analysis, this approach helped us land a $900 million air travel account. I like working with Mike because he brings, vision, strategic thinking, context, and tremendous enthusiasm. Elevating seemingly ordinary issues to a higher plane, he evokes new concepts and approaches that help clients reach beyond the obvious while staying rooted in the practical. I believe Mike will bring new insights to organizations that need new strategic thinking in an ever dynamic and recently very challenging world. I believe most companies will fall into this category in the coming months and years. I wholeheartedly recommend Mike and would be happy to provide a personal recommendation on this behalf."

Declan Boland, Go-to-Market Consultant at DXC Technology

“Mike worked for iPay Technologies on several engagements, helping guide our fast growing company with important tools and language for helping the company grow effectively as it grew at a blistering pace. He helped us become an adaptive enterprise that developed the process capabilities we needed when we needed them, and helped us better define the experience we wanted our new managers and associates to have when joining our company. Mike is astute in his insights, and brilliant at seeing what his clients may not see because they are "too close to it." Mike will shake things up for your organization in a good way, in a way that delivers lasting results.” 

Michael Barrack, Managing Director at Accume Partners

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