Getting something new to happen in retail is hard. Getting several new things to happen at the same time is what most retail customer experiences require. Doing that is why we build FRED.

Meet FRED. FRED will help you gain a clearer picture of how your future retail experience can look, feel work and perform. Typically, retail design establishes a new look and feel for a store. Granted, the store's ambiance can create moods, draw attention, and change perceptions.

But there is more to it. If you think of a store's experience in a larger context than just architecture, signage, way-finding, and materials, it can drive interest, encourage sharing among customers, add value, and become a brand differentiator. A Future Retail Experience Design can change a company's fortunes. It's hard in the retail industry to go first and introduce something new. The stakes are high. FRED makes it easier by thinking like the customer and steering innovations toward their ultimate satisfaction. FRED looks beyond the four walls of the store and into tech, operations, process management, labor planning, marketing, finance, and more. FRED yields a clear picture of a complete future state retail business with enough detail for each department to gather their criteria. .

FRED is great at introducing several first-of-a-kind ideas or processes at the same time. 

When you see how the entire expereince will work with multiple new things in play AND when you can see others' reactions to the plan, you get a sense of comfort around what's valuable and what's practical.

Value in Action

“When I was the Director, Brand Experience at a premium lens technology brand, I worked with Mike and the Storyminers team.  We chose them over several much larger vendors and well-known agencies for several reasons. Mike took feedback really well. He showed early on that he respected our perspective and could develop top-notch yet practical creative.  Storyminers also had access to specialized resources the project required. For this large, 18-month project with our retail partner, Mike and his team helped us create a more personal, interactive optical retail experience—our store of the future. They developed experiences designed to turn heads and the underlying capabilities our businesses needed to deliver them. I’d love to work with him again.”

Renee Himel, Director of CX at National Vision

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