Telling your story from the point of view that "it is already happened" helps keep naysayers at bay and puts your idea(s) into a positive light.

Winning support for an idea by sharing it from a future perspective is easier because it reduces resistance. 

Imagine your company sells 'smart home' technology. Consider sharing this 'press release from the future' to get your ideas across (and in proper context):


August 7,2024
                                 Press Release

Smart Home Saves Owner, Two Kids, And The Family Dog

New-to-Charlotte resident Savannah Winston and her family is safe today even though the house was badly damaged in a freak fire accident, say local fire authorities.

• The Winstons had just installed XYZ Smart Home system two weeks prior.
• Savannah told the fire rescue team that she got the system for security, and utility savings.
• And didn't even know it was preset to call the fire department and unlock the doors in the event of a fire.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) January 22, 2019 

When you put humans into the picture (even kids and a dog), emotions get involved and people start to care what happens.

Compare that version with this typical pitch: :

The XYZ Smart Home system will be a favorite among homeowners who want to control their houses, down to the windows, locks, and other systems. The Z47 controller is smart enough to recognize the owner when they are away from the home using facial recognition, so users can not worry about people hacking into their system, opening the doors, and robbing them.  

The first and second XYZ Smart Home systems are the same thing. It's just that the first one is based on a story about people (which makes you care) and the second one is based on a tour of the tech (which makes you yawn ;-)

Value in Action

“Mike could describe our business when we could not. The results were not a tactical product but a cultural shift in the way we view our business.”

Kevin Seefried, Founder and President TwinEngines, Inc.

“I patented "my idea", but had no idea how to develop it. StoryMiners has worked with me and taken my core idea and thoughts to a functional plan. Mike's experience and network of contacts and his ability to visualize and communicate are key. He works within a defined budget, and projects upcoming expenses. Without StoryMiners, I would still be one more inventor with a dust-gathering patent.” 

Mark Cohen, Vice President of Medical Affairs, Chief Medical Officer at Piedmont Hospital

“Mike Wittenstein is one of the most creative and thorough professionals I’ve ever worked with. He and his team positioned and developed our website and then saw the bigger picture. He envisioned a site that reflected a better tenant experience so he detailed some very exciting ideas that will allow us to differentiate not only on location, but on the experience we offer tenants and their employees. Mike’s thinking is radically different, yet very practical. We’ll create great value with these ideas for years to come!”

Connie Engel, Partner at Childress Klein Properties

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