Full-day session uses actors to let you make customer-focused decisions about service design and delivery earlier and with higher confidence than ever before. 

Human Prototyping® uses actors and directors, on stage, to let everyone see ideas, learn what people like, and discover how to make them work.

Through an iterative service design process that leans heavily on the actor's toolbox, you and your team will discover the right mix of clues that get experiences to win favor and adoption—with customers and with employees.

Human Prototyping is like an insurance policy for new ideas that helps you work out kinks in service delivery and experience design before writing code, training staff, or building out stores.  

What We'll Cover  

 •  Introduction to service design and prototyping
 •  Overview of the process
 •  What each role does
 •  The importance of authenticity and being present
 •  Changing given circumstances *Scenario set up
 •  Action. Adjust. Repeat
 •  Capturing the best options
 •  Presenting final concepts

Value in Action

“As a word-of-mouth marketing firm, we know that people are motivated to take action for different reasons. We loved working with Mike and the Storyminers team because their ‘Human Prototyping' methodology let us get an early reaction on our ideas before we took them to the field. Our Human Prototyping ‘laboratory’ included customers, as well as actors who are trained to take on the personas of customers and employees. The final campaign was much more on target and easier to execute having run it through the Storyminers' process. It was well worth the money.”

Ted Wright, CEO of Fizz 

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