It's a place that inspires better outcomes. It works with different rules that your regular business does—so it can get 'new stuff' done.

The space is designed for high-speed, high-performance collaboration while emphasizing the culture and Reason for Being continuously.

In the last decades, business incubators and business accelerators have helped thousands of companies launch more quickly and reach higher. Borrowing the ideas of:

•  a place with easier rules 
•  the power of collaboration 
•  open space 
•  shared capabilities and resources 
•  closely-knit communities 
•  design thinking 
•  the spirit of everyone pitching in 

Experience incuabors/accelerators do the same thing—but for customer and employee experience work. 

Inside the Accelerator, your team is freed from the rigor and rules of day-to-day corporate life. In other words, they are free to dream. They are also free to do the things that matter most to proving what's possible. 

Without an experience incubator/accelerator, your ideas run the risk of meeting well-intended-but-difficult-to-overcome resistance from inside your own business. It's hard for many people to do their day-to-day job and think about the future. Today's rules and constraints have a way of creeping into their thinking.

StoryMiners® has engineered experience incubators and accelerators at technology, software, professional service, and healthcare firms. Each one is different and each one is based on the company's needs. 

Technology is playing a larger part in incubator design. It's really helping to open up thinking, speed the creation of prototypes, and help larger teams visualize what's possible.

Value in Action

“I have know Mike for many years and he has always been a pleasure to be around and his work has always been top notch. Mike has the creative mind and business acumen to handle almost any situation and I am comfortable recommending him in the board room and the creative studio as well as the developers lounge. What else can I say!”

Michael Kogon, CEO at Definition 6

“Mike is an amazing customer experience visionary and outstanding team player. He is extremely adept at extracting client issues and transforming them into rich, meaningful customer experience opportunities. While at IBM, he was a major force behind our interactive customer strategies and really elevated the level of strategic thinking in every engagement, resulting in tangible value for clients.”

Michelle Batten, Senior Consultant at IBM Global Services

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