Journey Maps show where your customers are, what they’re doing, and how your business is supporting them–at each step in their experience.

They make it easier to pinpoint problems, take advantage of opportunities, and to measure progress.

Journey maps complement the process-based approaches you already use. They make it easier for different department leaders to coordinate their actions and processes–so that customers get the best experience you can offer.

You will get a better understanding of each stage of the customer’s experience so that your people will know what to develop and how to deliver it–on brand.

Journey Maps help optimize operations for the business while delighting customers and keeping them engaged with the brand. Use journey maps to envision future-state customer experiences. With everyone’s ideas on one page, the entirety of the customer’s journey comes into focus. A journey map lets everyone get on board and focus on what matters most to customers. Use journey maps to transform selling experiences into buying experiences. If your business sometimes pushes internal processes onto customers to save costs, using a journey map will let you see ways to save costs and deliver an experience your customers will thank you for at the same time.

Value in Action

“I was just walking back from a meeting with a few team members who expressed how fortunate we are that you were our instructor.  They felt you understood our business and were able to apply the customer experience and journey mapping knowledge to the opportunities we face.  Many participants expressed how they enjoyed your style.  Everyone found the training valuable and fun.You created a great day which our team members enjoyed, valued, and appreciate.  Safe travels.”

Deb Lechner, Commercial Marketing Director at Armstrong Flooring

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