Convert one element of your business (or one location) as a test to see how customers and employees respond.

Sometimes the best way to win support for a new experience is to build it first. Then, show it. Then ask for permission ;-)

If you are a franchisor and want your franchisees to buy into a new idea, just make one. Capture the experience of building it, staffing it, running it, and profiting from it and you'll have all the ammunition you need to win support. 

During Experience Makeovers, StoryMiners® helps you and/or your team:

•  Identify what the new experience should be 

•  Design it 

•  Get behind it 

•  Build it 

•  Get used to it 

•  Run it successfully 

•  Capture the story along the way so that others can see what they might be getting into. 

The Experience Makeover is as much about seeing how far you can take your ideas in an existing location as it is capturing the transformation so that it's less scary for the teams that follow.

Value in Action

“In my many years of experience, I have worked with various client care consultants from independents to manufacturer-sponsored specialists. I have to say you have been one of the most unique in how to approach the whole process and culture of improving the customer experience. You spend loads of time, including the mystery shops, evaluating our business, our industry, our internal processes, and our culture. This earned you my respect and attention when it came to your assessment and opinion of how we could go to the next level in delivering outstanding customer experiences. I would strongly recommend you to help anyone who is seeking sound, contemporary advice on how they too can improve their delivery of a higher level of customer experience and satisfaction ..... and ultimately loyalty.”

Jim Ellis, President at Jim Ellis Automotive Group

“When people ask me about Mike Wittenstein, I usually compare him to Star Trek’s Mr. Spock. Mike is a phenomenal big thinker and operates on a whole different plane from most of us. When we hired him to help us name and brand our new company, he explained the answers are already in our DNA and we needed to dig for it. I was skeptical of the process but, looking back, I see how critical it was. We now know that SOHO HERO exists to serve small office/home office professionals so they can achieve more meaningful results with less effort. We always refer to our reason for being to help us make decisions. There are more than 25 locations throughout the Southeast and we continue to grow on the foundation Mike helped us create.”

Chris Kouloukas, Founder and CEO at SOHO HERO

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