The governing principles of your brand are the guidelines and indisputable rules that guide your organization in the millions of interactions it makes with customers. StoryMiners® helps companies to establish governing principles that support great customer experiences and strengthens the value the company delivers.

Placing principle over process gives organizations the clarity, agility, and flexibility to deliver on their brand promise to customers across all touch points. These thoughtfully crafted principles empower employees in the decisions they make every day to deliver valuable and unique experiences to customers. 

Principles as Pillars of Experience providing clear brand principles ensures consistency in the way your business functions, and the experience it delivers. The focus of governing principles should yield something positive for employees, customers, and stakeholders in the business alike.

Establishing governing principles helps companies realize distinct improvements across the business, such as:-       

Clarity in business operations: All members of the company feel empowered to make the right decisions in the face of any challenge or interaction. Decisions are not only made quicker, but smarter – for the company, the employees, and the customers.

Consistency across touch points: When all employees carry the values and principles of the brand, they can succeed in delivering the same emotional outcomes and experiences regardless of where interactions occur.

Multi-level trust: Customers come to believe and trust in your brand when they can expect consistent and genuine experiences. Acknowledging and adhering to a mandatory set of principles establishes a level of trust among employees when all members of the organization are held accountable.

Sustainable relationships: Consistency and trust are key for building loyal, long-term employees and customers alike.

Realization of new opportunities: With the DNA of the business en grained in its employees, innovative ideas and better collaboration are able to take root. A sense of pride and empowerment in employees encourages agile pursuit of ideas, creating higher success for first-of-kind projects. Most importantly, governing principles that are deeply integrated and enforced in a company focus everyone in the business around adding value for customers as new opportunities and challenges arise. This is what enables the best customer experience companies to endure."

Value in Action

iPay Technologies prided themselves on providing a technically sound bill-pay service that was accurate and efficient. While this ideal was clear and succinct, it didn’t get to the core of what iPay really provided – great experiences. Through the Storymining process, it became apparent that iPay’s service was to make on-line bill paying (then a new innovation) quick, easy, and hassle-free. Also, to deliver in an exceptionally friendly way.

With a clearer understanding of their value to customers, iPay shifted their thinking and Reason for Being to encompass their key differentiator: “delivering experiences that everyone raves about”. Striving to deliver on a more holistic brand promise strengthened the vision iPay had across the organization and the relationships they were building. iPay learned that they were in the experience delivery business. They found that when they delivered a great experience, customers wanted to talk about their experiences—and that drove more business in the door.

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