When you know who owes what to whom, your business runs more comfortably and profitably.

Organized for the benefit of customers, promise maps help teams align to get things done.

The operational core of Adaptive Business Design is the promise map. It's a picture of who owes what to whom.

Many organizations follow a command control structure. Typically hierarchical and process-driven, these organizations are good at doing the same thing over and over.

Today's world of work and todays' generations of workers are characterized by the huge amounts of change they must deal with. The Promise Map tools helps organizations and the people in them organize themselves adaptively. 

Designing work flows around cusdtomer requests, responses are faster, new issues are handled with greater ease, and operations can scale (up or down_) more comfortably and profitably. Promise Maps are based on reusable components. Each provides a specific outcome in response to new customer requests. Unlike departments and processes, the components of a Promise Map only go into action when responding to requests. They incur no costs to hold at the ready and can be immediately deployed. 

Organizing around capabilities (the people, process, tools, and business rules that actually get work done) lets decisions happen later which translates around quality and successful outcomes. 

Promise maps are designed by small client/consultant teams, vetted by a full spectrum of representatives from the company and key clients, and declared by the leadership team before going into effect. Once in effect, the business is naturally more adaptive, typically spending less of its resources on itself and delivering more value to its customers and clients.

Value in Action

“Mike worked for iPay Technologies on several engagements, helping guide our fast growing company with important tools and language for helping the company grow effectively as it grew at a blistering pace. He helped us become an adaptive enterprise that developed the process capabilities we needed when we needed them, and helped us better define the experience we wanted our new managers and associates to have when joining our company. Mike is astute in his insights, and brilliant at seeing what his clients may not see because they are "too close to it." Mike will shake things up for your organization in a good way, in a way that delivers lasting results.”

Michael Barrack, President at iPay Technologies

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