If the stakes or the uncertainty around a customer experience project you've undertaken is high, we can help you pinpoint issues (and opportunities) other may have missed. It's insurance for your future.

Have you ever felt unsure? 

About a decision you're about to make, about the work someone has done for you, about a competitor's move, or about how an innovative idea might play out? Everyone has. .

From a customer experience + strategy + story perspective, StoryMiners® can give you the benefit of our insight and expertise before you have to make the big decision. We've studied thousands of experiences in hundreds of cities and worked with hundreds of companies.

Tapping into that expertise can save you time, save you money, and help you see ahead more comfortably.

Second Opinion from StoryMiners® is an advisory service offerd only by the firm's partners that directly and confidentially addresses your questions, problems, and opportunities. Services can be conducted remotely, on-site, or via conference.

You get: 

• The benefit of another strong mind at the table 

• The perspective of specialists in customer experience, strategy, and story 

• Exceptional creative horsepower 

• Affirmation (or not) of your key assumptions 

Second Opinion Case Studies:

•  One venture capitalist got a strategy and story that turned a several million dollar acquisition into a forty million dollar strategic sale 
•  One European hardware store got several ideas that improved add-on sales while increasing usable square footage in their stores 
•  One manufacturing company learned how to accelerate sales by offering plant tours 
•  One technology services company won back a one billion dollar contract by putting customer and employee experience into their strategic offering. 

Value in Action

“Mike is probably the most creative thinker I have ever worked with in my career. He always brings a unique perspective to the table that makes you stop and rethink traditional approaches. Once introduced to Mike, I met monthly with him simply to pick his brain and bounce off ideas. As an executive in charge of 500 people, I gained a great edge with our strategies and their executions through my sessions with Mike.”

Morten Brante, Practice Lead at IBM

“Mike really 'gets' me and how I think and delivers his coaching and guiding points in a way that I can act upon it and achieve results. I've told others "a one hour session with Mike equates to about 2.5 days with anyone else!" Mike really sees things and has a viewpoint that I usually haven't considered - that's the value he brings to the table.”

Chris Iansiti, Founder and CEO at Iansiti Performance Group

“A conversation with Mike is a pearl strand of attentive moments in which one feels genuinely heard and connected with. Whether that experience happens in an executive-to-executive conversation or between a customer and cashier at a retail counter, creating and delivering “presence” is one of the most essential gifts humans can share with one another. Mike's ability to create these authentic moments is a rare and powerful skill.”

Rick Julian, Brand Strategist & Chief Creative Officer at QUO VADIS

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