When there's uncertainty in your future, you cant follow best practices. You have to be bold; you have to be the first one on stage and make others believe you.

We help you paint a vivid picture of your future so others don't hesitate to follow you.

Customers don't want the same things they used to. Nor do they want them in the same way. In fact, they so bold as to ask the brands they use to adopt experience elements from other brands they love.

In short, life has never been as fast and customers have never been as demanding as today.

StoryMiners® Story as Strategy service helps companies who are building 'what's new' do so faster and with greater confidence. 

Story As Strategy is based on the idea that most of what customers are asking for requires first-of-a-kind work. To deliver the kinds of experiences their customers want, companies are now required to do multiple first-of-a-kind projects. That's taxing their infrastructures. 

Using existing departments, processes, and best practices is too slow and not productive for most. Going through a series of small, incremental changes to get from today's experience to tomorrow's just doesn't work. 

StoryMiners® reverses things, starting with a crystal-clear description of the future state experience, then describes it as a story that can win buy-in. With a 'thumbs up,' the strategy then becomes to make the story real. 

What makes Story as Strategy work is the precision with which StoryMiners®' methods can paint a realistic, practical, and affordable picture of the future. The methods combine traditional business practice with graphics, storyboard, video, animation, and live action. At each round of the process, stakeholders can react and respond to the future-state design as it takes shape. StoryMiners®' expert facilitators and designers guide the process so that the very best elements of the experience are successfully delivered in ways that are comfortable and profitable for the business.

Value in Action

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mike in several capacities ranging from positioning my start up for acquisition to helping define a strategy to transform my current company to be capabilities based. In each situation Mike has delivered high value solutions that enabled my company to sell and make my new organization more agile.”

Dirk Shaw, Chief Strategy Officer at Dispatch

“When you work with Mike, you know you’re going to get an exceptional customer experience. He not only speaks at our Future Stores conferences, he also helps us deliver more than our audiences expect. For example, Mike’s 15-page ‘Store of the Future’ white paper was packed with innovative ideas and brought in more than 200 leads for our sales team. He participated in a Everyone is inspired by Mike’s refreshing, sunny outlook, backed up by real-world experience and research.”

Matthias Clock, Marketing Manager at Worldwide Business Research.

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