Hands-on inspiration--anywhere in the world

Witness, first-hand, some of the world's best experiences as a customer, as an employee, and as an organization's CX leader.

A Transformation Tour accelerates the ‘What-is-our-brand’s-future?’discussion by taking your team on in-person visits to other brands that have conquered the same issues you are facing. Ones that have inspiring customer and employee experiences your team can learn from. At each stop on your bespoke tour, your team will experience the customer's experience, go behind the scenes to understand the employee experience, then go into the boardroom to learn first-hand about the leader-level decisions it took to get there.

To conclude the experience, we host a discussion that starts translating learning from the tour into action for your business.

  • How to earn genuine commitment from the leadership team
  • How to craft the upcoming change journey
  • How to address the various roadblocks and barriers along the way

You will feel like you’ve earned five years of experience in less than a week. The StoryMiners teams with carefully selected partners around the globe will help you get a valuable insider perspective at the brands you most want to model. Your team will get an unforgettable experience--not to mention some wonderful teamwork benefits.

We’ll Spend Time On A No-Cost Exploratory Call with You, To:

  • Share What a Transformation Tour can do for you based on your desired objectives
  • Introduce how a Transformation Tour can activate your team and accelerate their learning and achievements
  • Explain how we help you and your team prepare
  • Overview the kinds of experiences you might select for your team

Once You’ve Engaged Us For The Planning Portion, We Will Also Consider:

  • Where you are in your CX development
  • Specific learning objectives for the team/brand
  • The right situations to exposure your team(s) to
  • Whether (and how much) to capture on video
  • Where the team might need inspiration
  • What view(s) of the future may suit them best
  • Where to add more (specific) knowledge
  • Which brands to visit and which scenarios to observe
  • Which locations to consider (UK, US, other locations)
  • Scheduling and Itineraries
  • Travel costs and our fees
  • Post-event exercises and services (if needed) to maintain momentum
  • How to position the project to win the necessary budget
  • Helping with internal communications

“Dozens of our members got a taste of Mike Wittenstein’s storytelling skills when they attended the Retail Experience Transformation Tour StoryMiners organized in Atlanta. It was a one-of-a-kind experience that got rave reviews. Members got a valuable and hard-to-obtain behind-the-scenes look at PIRCH, The Lenox Mall, and other leading brands. This innovative learning experience taught key principles, engaged members, and inspired them to upgrade their own experiences—in and out of retail. Can’t wait for the next one with Mike and his StoryMiners team.”

Lesley Lykins, CCXP, Sr. Director of Member Engagement at CXPA

“Mike could have just told us how to give a customer tour. Instead, he showed us by taking us on a tour of one of his client’s showrooms. We experienced first-hand the strategic attention to detail that made us feel welcome and comfortable and instilled trust. That allowed us to model this for our customers.”

Scott Alterman, Principal at The Icebox

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