Get a front-row seat at how customers are actually experiencing your business when we review your business at each touch point. You get the truth, a list of what can be better, and the ways that can happen.

Unlike traditional mystery shopping which is motly compliance based, StoryMiners®' Going Undercover service delivers powerful  insights plus specific ideas on what to do and why it matters.

Companies all over the world have brought StoryMiners® in to review their operations. The reasons include:

• Provide an objective opinion of the experience
• Share with employees how their location 'feels'
• Suggest specific ideas for correction
• Envision new revenue streams, new differentiators, and new expereriences to win more business and more traffic
• To help board members 'get' the value of customer experience and adaptive business system thinking
• As a backdrop for ideation. 

When StoryMiners® designers go undercover, you get the benefit of industry veterans eyes on your operations. Their experience allows them to not only see what's  wrong, but to see what might be better. Their ability to ground their ideas in what's practical and actionable make them indispensable for troubleshooting, design reviews, and ideation sessions. Going undercover can be at your location, your franchisees' locations or at your competitors'. Going Undercover works in retail, travel, restaurants, hospitality, QSRs, entertainment, theaters, and many other types of venues and businesses. 

Going Undercover may use cameras (only if local laws permit and clients agree to proper usage of the footage). The observations from Going Undercover engagements are often presented by StoryMiners® design researchers at team meetings, design charettes, and even at annual sales meetings.

Value in Action

“Just wanted to tell you again what a great presentation you gave at the ISPAEXPO seminar on 'Teaming with Retailers to Improve the Customer Experience. "As I expected from our phone co/jversot/'o/is leading up to the event, your special brand of cutting to the chase was Just the wake-up call our manufacturer audience needed to hear. The time you spent doing "mystery shops' to view product retailing up close and interviewing key executives by phone was excellent preparation, and to say you are a quick study is putting it mildly! While some of what you had to say wasn't fun to hear, it was right on target and very thought provoking. We're looking forward to inviting you to speak at future ISPA events, as well as having you contribute editorial to our industry trade magazines.”

Nancy Butler, Professional Motivational Speaker at Above All Else, Success in Life and Business.

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