Specialized tools and techniques can reveal customers' unmet needs.

That's important when designing your future experience.

Examples of the new options include: eye tracking, video analytics, sentiment analysis, machine learning, mobile market research, and Human Prototyping®.

It's important to understand your customers so that you can design the kinds of experiences they value, the kind of service they need, and deliver the emotional connection they want. While most businesses already know a great deal about their customers. Many businesses have gaps or, more dangerously, hidden biases in what they think they know.  

Customer understanding work helps companies determine what they know, what they know they need to know, and what they don't (yet) know they need to know. After all, fleshing out a full understanding of customers is key to meeting their needs.  
StoryMiners® maintains relationships with various specialty firms that can help find the key insights using some very novel methods. Some of our partners look at facial expressions (think the hit television series "Bull" or "Lie to Me"). Others can analyze the language people use on the phone, in writing, or on social media to get a sense of how they are feeling. A few can use video analytics to understand physical movements (like browsing behaviors in a store). Some can mix and match various sources of information to better direct calls to the right person at the call center or to find the best personality match for customer service.  

The bottom line is that the better you understand your customer, the better your experience can be--and the better your bottom line can become. Working for the customer means working smart!

Value in Action

“Mike helped me have a better understanding of my target market as seen through the eyes of my customers and clients. The Storymining experience was very positive and has demonstrated a solid return on investment.”

Mark Hollander, President, Adherence Solutions

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